Monday, January 14, 2013

Stuffs and stuffs

Finally updating my blog with some drawings and stuffs. I've been drawing like made but keep forgetting to do something with my pile of scans!

 Work from a children's show I worked on called 'The Beet Party'. All I can really show right now until they launch the episodes. As of now these are the only released episodes I worked on since I joined the team, the rest are in queue for release. For more information go here:

 Some old sketches I still like so i decided to post them anyways. I was going through an ethnic felt tip phase.

 Some newer sketches (mostly) from top left to bottom right: a dancing gypsy fiddler that I've been experimenting in different styles with, Devlin from the x-factor, a zombie apocalypse schoolgirl, a little mongolian shaman boy, him and his sister and his sister and her deer/elk thing.

 A giant wasp/bird thing for people to ride on, complete with saddle and orthographic rotation!

Some old lifedrawing stuff... but I still like them.

That's all for now but I'll try to update more consistently from now on! I have plenty more sketches in my sketchbook that need to be posted!

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